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WiFi for Retail and Hospitality

Mojo's cloud managed WLAN solution is ideally architected for retail and hospitality. We make overseeing a geographically distributed organization with a small IT team possible. Our scalable solution gives you unprecendented wireless network visibility by geography, office location and even by device and user. Monitor and troubleshoot your WiFi network from any location, easily incorporate third party loyalty programs, maintain PCI compliance and harvest deep analytical data on guest behavior.

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Connectivity and Security

Scalable cloud WiFi + Best in Class WIPS protection.
Mojo offers end-to-end integrated WiFi and best-in-class security that safeguards the WiFi network across all of your retail locations to protect your WiFi network and customer data.

Rated #1 for WIPS by Gartner for six straight years.

Guest Engagement

Captive portal + custom splash pages.
Grow revenue and build your brand with Guest WiFi access. Mojo's captive portal can be designed and configured based on your business and security requirements.

Mojo Guest WiFi, like all other features, is included with your cloud license.

Why Brands Choose Mojo

“Mojo WiFi is the best guest engagement medium without being disruptive to the guest experience. And when I look at features and functionality, Mojo’s centralized WiFi management and ease of use absolutely amazed me.”
- IT Director, TAO Group

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Guest WiFi Whitepaper
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Scalable, Reliable Cloud WiFi for Distributed Enterprise

Mojo's cloud-managed Cognitive WiFi™ solution is designed for high-density environments where guest WiFi users demand performance. IT teams are ensured complete network visibility to easily manage and troubleshoot global branch locations. Our solution ensures infinite scalability and ease of deployment.
  • Complete network visibility and advanced troubleshooting with Cognitive WiFi
  • Intelligence at the edge. APs function to serve and protect your guests even if they lose access to the cloud.
  • Full-time Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) your users and network from wireless threats

Mojo Access Points

Our award winning access points (APs) are recognized by industry analysts, such as Gartner and IDC, for best-in-class wireless security. Mojo APs with a third radio allow for full-time WIPS protection in addition to WiFi access. All at no additional cost. Read more about our APs.

Cognitive WiFi™ - AI Applied to WLAN Management

Your employees and guests are demanding more robust and reliable WiFi from the brands they trust. Find scalability and reliability with Mojo. Mojo's Cognitive WiFi™ platform injects intelligence into the network allowing it to become its own root cause analysis engine, freeing up valuable IT time.
  • When helpdesk tickets come in claiming "the WiFi isn't working," Mojo Cognitive WiFi™ can quickly show you the cause of the issue, which could range from incorrect PSK, latency, or even trouble with the LAN.
  • Automatic packet capture quickly captures and identifies problems.
  • Troubleshooting time decreases by upwards of 50%
  • 3rd radio can act as a client device to perform network tests prior to important events

Engagement Powered by Analytics

Engage with your guests and customers when they enter or pass near your retail locations. Leverage the computing power of the cloud and intelligence of Mojo's APs to reach your customers and provide a customized experience. Mojo's solution provides both real-time and historical data analytics for the network, clients, location and engagement to provide business intelligence required for operational and marketing excellence.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Our sales team is standing by with more details on our distributed enterprise solution. Call us at 877-930-6394 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and set up a demo today!

Benefits of Mojo Guest Access

  • Customers
    • Simple authentication via social media channels
    • Personalized experience for preferred products and alerts for promotions or special discounts
  • Business and Marketing
    • Leverage WiFi analytics to drive business outcomes, brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction
    • Incorporate guest engagement into digital marketing and sales campaigns
  • IT Department
    • Easily create custom captive portal and splash pages
    • Reduced guest access costs - no servers to deploy, support or manage

Guest SSIDs

Creating guest SSIDs with Mojo could not be simpler. Mojo Guest Access Create SSID thumbnail

Integration with Loyalty Programs

Mojo makes integration with third-party loyalty programs a breeze. Leverage powerful Web APIs to integrate with third-party systems, e.g. customer loyalty programs for guest login, and export historical or real-time WiFi analytics for increased business intelligence.

AirTight WIPS and Patented Marker Packet Technology

At Mojo Networks we pioneered WIPS technology for enterprise WiFi security. This facilitates, among other things, auto-classification through behavioral techniques that continuously and accurately distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms. We were the first to launch cloud managed WIPS and wireless PCI compliance solutions, and have since added secure WiFi access and WiFi engagement to our suite of cloud services. Read more about our security patents or download our Mojo AirTight datasheet.
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Beautiful Splash Page Design

Beautiful Splash Page Design

With Mojo Canvas, you can create custom splash pages that offer direct customer engagement opportunities. Our web-based designer lets you promote your brand without any web skills required.
Simple Policy Deployments

Simple Policy Deployments

We make it easy to distribute single policies across thousands of access points simultaneously and deploy in a fraction of the time with Mojo Wireless Manager.
WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics

Mojo Guest Manager visualizes massive amounts of data to give you deep insights and business intelligence into high traffic areas, repeat visits and more.
Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security

Identify, locate, and shut down threats to your network automatically with Mojo AirTight. Easily comply with PCI DSS standards and keep your networks secure.
Detailed Network Statistics

Detailed Network Statistics

With Mojo Navigator, you’ll know exactly what is happening at every level of your network. See connections, network threats and performance dips with ease.
Highly Automated

Highly Automated

The cloud makes every click worth more by automating activities like policy propagation, access point configuration and system updates.