WiFi Analytics

Actionable insights

WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics is a general term that applies to the massive amounts of data collected via passive scans, active scans and user connections in and around your WiFi networks. It analyzes and conceptualizes this data to provide insight into traffic patterns, behavior and demographics of your WiFi users.

  • Conceptualize data in easy-to-understand buckets like Dwell Time, Foot Traffic, Conversion, Repeat Visits and more
  • Break down data into useful demographic groups like gender, age and location
  • Quickly view analytics at all levels, from the very top level to the most granular view, across time segments and location groups

Mojo Guest Manager is the central repository for the collection, analysis and visualization of all WiFi analytics. Through it and Mojo API you can automatically send incoming analytics data to third party databases or marketing systems in real-time for further analysis.

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