White Box WiFi

As a customer, shouldn't you be able to buy network software and hardware from different vendors? We think so. We believe that the world is ready for "White Box WiFi" solutions, which will provide customers with more agility and less complexity. 

Proprietary hardware does not benefit the wireless market. It forces vendor lock-in, reduces customer choice, slows innovation, and inflates costs. Open standards foster increased competition and innovation, which directly lead to better products at lower prices. Customers have made it clear that they want a world where they can buy the best access point for their application, from anywhere, and manage it the way they want to, at fair costs. Customers are craving an open standard where access points all interoperate like light bulbs. 

Mojo is collaborating with Edgecore Networks to deliver the world's first commercially available White Box WiFi solution. Mojo's cloud-managed WiFi software runs on Edgecore's open-standards-based access points. Both companies demonstrated this solution at the Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit in March of 2018, by lighting up the San Jose Convention Center exhibit halls with interoperable WiFi for the 3400 event attendees. The network performed flawlessly. 

whiteboxwifi hand

 Now you can run Mojo's award-winning Cognitive WiFi software on enterprise-grade, Wave 2 802.11ac access points from Edgecore. Enjoy freedom, flexibilty to manage your network the way YOU want to, and complete scalability, all at the lowest price points in the wireless industry. 

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