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At Mojo Networks we pioneered WIPS technology for enterprise WiFi security. This facilitated, among other things, auto-classification through behavioral techniques that continuously and accurately distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms. We also pioneered cloud managed wireless security.

We were the first to launch cloud managed WIPS and wireless PCI compliance solutions, and have since added secure WiFi access and WiFi engagement to our suite of cloud services. We now hold 23 U.S. and 14 International patents granted to date and have several patents pending.

WIPS MethodologyPatent #Issuing Country
Monitoring for wireless security 7,002,943 United States
      " 7,154,874 United States
      " 200429804 Australia
      " 2410154 Great Britain
      " 7,804,808 United States
      " 4639195 Japan
Autonomous WIPS threat detection and prevention 7,216,365 United States

Intrusion Detection and Prevention TechniquesPatent #Issuing Country
Rogue detection and classification using Marker Packets 7,339,914 United States
      " 60 2004 038 621.9 Germany
      " 1976227 UK, France, Netherlands, and Sweden
Rogue detection and classification using Marker Packets 7,440,434 United States
      " 7,536,723 United States
      " 7,751,393 United States
      " 7,970,894 United States
      " 8,789,191 United States
      " 9,003,527 United States
MAC address spoofing detection 7,447,184 United States
      " 7,856,656 United States
Client auto-classification 7,710,933 United States
Denial of Service (DoS) detection 7,971,253 United States
Threat scanning and prevention 7,333,800 United States
Intrusion Prevention via ARP manipulation 7,333,481 United States
      " 7,558,253 United States
Denial of Service (DoS) mitigation 7,496,094 United States
      " 7,764,648 United States

Location Tracking and RF ModelingPatent #Issuing Country
Predictive RF Visualization 7,406,320 United States
      " 7,856,209 United States

Cloud ManagementPatent #Issuing Country
Cloud Managed WIPS 8,032,939 United States
      " 60 2008 031 365.4 Germany
      " 2068525 UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden


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