Multiservice Platform

Multiservice Platform

Migrate your controller-based WLAN deployment to a Mojo cloud solution with ease. With Mojo's Multiservice Platform, you can move to the Mojo cloud without impacting your underlying network. Tunnel traffic from your cloud managed Mojo access points to your NOC using EoGRE tunnels.

Multiservice Platform Datasheet

Multiservice platform 1
MA370 Mojo

Multiservice Platform Models

The Multiservice Platform is available in two models to suit your deployment. The MP2100 supports 1000 tunnels with 100K clients with a maximum throughput of 4Gbps. The MP4100 supports 10,000 tunnels with 1 Million clients with a maximum throughput of 20 Gbps.

Features and Functionality

  • Per SSID Traffic aggregation over using EoGRE tunnels
  • Automatic VLAN and tunnel learning
  • Link aggregation for tunnel interfaces
  • DHCP server
  • Broadcast/Multicast control and optimization
  • Extended Network Interface Configuration (ENIC)
  • IGMP snooping
  • High availability configuration
multiservice platform 3

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