Mojo Networks is driving open networking innovation in the WiFi industry to liberate enterprise networks from vendor lock-in, proprietary hardware and high margins. Software disaggregation—breaking dependency between software and hardware—is the first necessary step towards realizing this vision. Mojo customers and partners are already benefitting from Mojo’s software disaggregation in the form of significant cost savings.


SDK Based WiFi Access Points

Mojo Networks has enabled software disaggregation by developing the industry’s first WiFi AP SDK. Using the Mojo SDK platform, ODM vendors can manufacture Mojo cloud-managed APs on virtually any AP hardware, bringing more APs to the market faster. As a result, Mojo partners and customers have a much wider menu of AP models to choose from than what’s typically available from any one WiFi vendor.

Mojo Blog - Vendor Unlocked Whitebox APs

High-Performance WiFi APs at Cost

With its powerful cognitive cloud WiFi platform, Mojo already eliminated the need for costly proprietary WLAN controller hardware. As a result of the software disaggregation, Mojo is also able to pass on significant cost savings to its customers by removing the high margins on its WiFi APs, normally charged by other vendors on their proprietary AP hardware. And the cost savings are without any trade-offs or compromises on performance or security.

High Performance WiFi
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Hassle-free WiFi, 24/7 Support

Historically, it’s been difficult for enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of disaggregation because it comes with the added challenges of integration, technical support and logistics management. However, with its unique WiFi-as-a-service model and by collaborating with Arrow Electronics, Mojo has removed any complexity in delivering a top-notch WiFi product and customer experience. And the 24/7 Mojo customer support is already included in the WiFi cloud service.

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