Mojo’s Cloud Integration Point (CIP) securely connects on-premise services such as Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), Syslog, and ArcSight with Mojo Cloud to exchange information.

WiFi Controller

WiFi Controller Integration

Mojo Cloud integration with Cisco, Aruba, and HP wireless LAN controllers allow Mojo’s WIPS solution (AirTight) to fetch information from the controller for WIPS classification and tracking the location of devices.

Enterprise Security Management (EMS)

Integration with Enterprise Security Management servers enables Mojo Cloud to send events and audit logs to Syslog and ArcSight servers, allowing customers to use their existing logging infrastructure to manage Mojo events and logs.



Security is always top of mind with Mojo; we secure the data exchanged between Mojo Cloud and the on-premise Cloud Integration Point with secure AES-256 encryption. The CIP contains a firewall that only forwards traffic to the specified local destinations on the defined ports. It also isolates the network with NAT so connections cannot be established through the CIP.


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