Mojo Networks provides a complete guest WiFi solution with reliable WiFi access, a menu of options to onboard guest WiFi users—including integration with social networks and other third-party systems; in-built templates to simply design stunningly beautiful splash pages and other content without any Web development; firewall to segregate guest traffic and prevent access to the corporate or internal networks; enforcement of guest WiFi security policies using role based control and industry’s best WIPS; SSID scheduling and traffic shaping to limit guest access; and guest WiFi analytics.

Enterprise guest access

Enterprise Guest Access

Multiple workflows are supported for enabling username and password based guest access common in enterprises. Receptionists or lobby ambassadors can easily generate guest login credentials on demand or guests can be allowed to self-register to receive their login credentials via email or SMS. For a larger group of visitors, a batch of guest logins can be generated and kept ready in advance. With in-built support for RADIUS integration, enterprises can also use RADIUS based login for their guests.

Social WiFi

In-built integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare enables you to onboard guests using their social login. This is a great way to engage with guests that have opted to share their public profile. For instance, businesses can convert customers into loyal promoters and in turn increase revenue and brand equity. Educational institutions can use social WiFi to have a more intimate relationship with students and parents.

Social WiFi
3rd party integration

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Besides social networks, integration with SMS services such as Twilio and MSG91 are supported to enable SMS based guest login. Custom flows can be defined by leveraging the powerful Web APIs to integrate with other third-party systems, e.g., customer loyalty programs for guest login, and export WiFi analytics in real time or periodically to business intelligence systems.

Customize Guest Experience

Using the Mojo Canvas app, you can fully customize the guest WiFi experience without any Web development expertise. Starting with one of many design templates, design stunningly beautiful splash pages, landing pages and other content such as coupons and ads to deliver a rich, custom-branded guest experience.

Customize guest experience
Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

You can extend guest engagement beyond the splash and landing pages by designing and delivering context-based information to your guests via in-browser ad insertion or by sending targeted ads via SMS/MMS.

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