Mojo's Cognitive WiFi™ solution uniquely harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, machine learning, software-defined networking and cognitive computing to deliver the best experience possible to WiFi users. Delivering intelligence to wireless networks, Mojo is reducing network operational costs by at least half.

Client Journey™

Mojo provides direct and real-time insight into the experience of WiFi clients as they journey on your network. Know when and why clients fail to connect to your network, track latencies of network services such as AAA, DHCP, and DNS, drill down with live and historical client connection logs, and proactively know when and why certain clients may experience poor performance.

Network Baselining

Using machine-learning algorithms on the network analytics it collects, Cognitive WiFi™ baselines your network, i.e., establishes what’s “normal” and automatically detects and highlights anomalies. When possible it fine-tunes the WiFi network to optimize the user experience or provides recommendations to resolve network problems.

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Client JourneyTM

Root Cause Analysis Engine

Going beyond machine learning, Mojo comes with in-built domain expertise and protocol-level intelligence. It automatically detects and classifies in real time when WiFi clients fail to connect and pinpoints the root cause—if it is related to WiFi or to a network service such as DHCP or DNS or a client device or an application. Similarly it automates root cause analysis of poor performance, e.g., poor coverage, high retry rate, sticky clients..

Automatic Packet Capture

How many times have you taken a packet capture when it was too late—when the problem you were trying to troubleshoot had “gone away”? With real-time, inline packet capture, Mojo Cognitive WiFi™ knows when and where to capture a packet trace so that the problem gets captured, not just the packet trace. The traces are stored alongside the related failures or symptoms to simplify troubleshooting at a later time. Packet traces can be downloaded or directly visualized in Mojo Packets, the cloud-based visual WiFi packet analyzer.

Mojo Packets Video

Packet capture and troubleshooting
Client emulation and network profiling

Client Emulation and Network Profiling

Experience your network before your users do and stay ahead of the game. Turn the multi-function 3rd radio into a client and run tests to identify and fix problems before users experience them and validate your network’s readiness for supporting business-critical applications.

Intelligent RF Optimizations

Unparalleled visibility in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz enables automatic RF optimizations such as band steering, smart steering, auto channel selection or auto transmit power control to maximize WiFi capacity. Real-time application performance is further enhanced with multicast-to-unicast conversion and smart blocking, pruning and optimization of broadcast and multicast traffic.

Intelligent RF Optimization

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