Self-healing WiFi networks


Wireless mesh networks, unlike standard WiFi networks, do not require a 1-to-1 ratio of Ethernet drops to access points; instead access points use one of their radios to connect to each other, creating a wireless backhaul that ultimately leads to an access point with a wired connection. This offers an easy way to extend network coverage when wiring is difficult to lay or completely nonexistent. Every Mojo access point supports mesh no matter what combination of models you use.

  • Any access point within a mesh network can be labeled as a mesh root with a single click from the cloud for quick expansion
  • Access points automatically determine the best path to a mesh root for optimal performance
  • Mesh networks self-heal and dynamically alter their backhaul route whenever an access point is unreachable or interference conditions pop up.

To deploy a mesh network simply create a mesh profile in Mojo Wireless Manager and apply it to any group of Mojo Access Points.

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