Marker Packets

High fidelity WiFi security

Marker Packets

Marker Packets are a key component to the patented techniques we use for wireless intrusion detection. Their presence leads to an accurate determination as to whether or not a nearby SSID is actually tethered to your corporate network. This ultimately provides the solid foundation needed for real-time threat prevention due to the high degree of accuracy inherent to this technique.

  • Mojo access points send out regular bursts of broadcast ARP packets across each layer-2 network they monitor
  • Other access points on that same network will inherently relay those packets into the air, confirming their presence on the network through this behavior
  • This proprietary technique minimizes false positives and encourages the use of automatic prevention to keep networks safe

To learn more about how Marker Packets fit into our complete security platform, check out Mojo AirTight.

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