Hotspot 2.0

Universal WiFi access

Hotspot 2.0

Hotspot 2.0, also known as WiFi Certified Passpoint, is the latest standard used by carriers around the world to allow wireless clients to seamlessly roam between public hotspots when they are in range. This is a pivotal piece to the larger strategy of providing reliable, high-speed access to data no matter where you are.

  • Automatic and secure handoffs allows individual hotspots to act as a single contiguous WiFi network for users to enjoy
  • The Mojo Cloud Managed Platform lets you create a single policy for hundreds of thousands of access points to use simultaneously
  • New access points install quickly and connect to the cloud, bringing down key configurations automatically and without excessive support requirements

Mojo Wireless Manager makes the development and deployment of your Hotspot 2.0 network policy easy, and can scales it to every Mojo Access Point across your entire coverage area no matter what model you choose.

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