In addition to everything listed on the Enterprise tab, Enterprise Elite customers gain access to the latest WiFi engagement platform. This grants access to unprecedented methods to talk to, and with, individual WiFi users while they connect and browse.

Advanced Splash and Landing Page Capabilities

  • WiFi access management for setup, optimization and monitoring
  • Brand new templates for designing beautiful, interactive splash pages and landing pages
  • Access to two new plugins - Video and Poll - for WiFi users to connect through
  • New widgets including embedded video, polls, App download, Apple Passbook, image carousels and more

SMS/MMS Interception

  • Automatically send SMS/MMS in response to WiFi users’ web traffic
  • Design custom MMS images using Mojo Canvas and create custom SMS messages
  • Visualized analytics of web traffic and engagement across time and location

In-Browser Engagement

  • Design custom campaigns that support persistent messages within WiFi users’ browser
  • Develop passive banners that link to custom content
  • Create and customize overlays that display videos, polls and more
  • Target your messages at any scale across your organization

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