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For IoT over WiFi, 802.11ax is the New HaLow

The new .ax standard is better equipped than HaLow to support the internet of things.

The Wi-Fi Alliance endorsed IEEE 802.11ah for IoT connectivity nearly 18 months ago and dubbed it HaLow. The standard operates in the unlicensed frequency spectrum below 1 GHz and in narrow channel widths of 1 and 2 MHz. Since IoT applications don't need large data pipes, HaLow provides for data rates as low as 150 Kbps. It has protocol provisions for the long sleep times for clients, because many IoT applications only require intermittent data transfers. Altogether, HaLow provides for lower power consumption, lower complexity and longer range for IoT clients.

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So why has HaLow not seen much uptake?

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