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Mojo Networks Releases Cloud WiFi Architecture Designed for Large Enterprise and Campus WiFi Networks

Mountain View, CA, April 26, 2017 – Mojo Networks, a pioneer in cloud-managed Cognitive WiFi™, released updates to its cloud WiFi architecture to meet the demands of large scale enterprise and university deployments. Two key components of this architecture are the Cloud Integration Point, allowing users to integrate Mojo Cloud with local network security, logging and management systems, and the Multiservice Platform, providing the capability to migrate a WiFi network from controller to cloud without redesigning the underlying architecture.  

“For years, large enterprises and universities have been locked into a controller-based WiFi infrastructure,” said Rick Wilmer, CEO of Mojo Networks. “They haven’t been able to fully embrace the cloud because the first generation of controller-less and cloud solutions didn’t cater to their requirements, and in particular, could not scale. Mojo’s WiFi solution allows them to benefit from the intelligence, performance, and the massive scalability of the Mojo Cloud, and to migrate without doing an exhaustive replacement of their WLAN hardware.”

The Cloud Integration Point in Mojo’s WiFi architecture simplifies integration with local network management systems (NMS), security information and event management (SIEM) systems, Syslog servers and even existing WLAN controllers, allowing network administrators the flexibility to have a unified view of their network while leveraging the benefits of the cloud. The Cloud Integration Point is simply a software-defined mode on the Mojo access points; no additional hardware is necessary.

By enabling a Mojo cloud-based WiFi network to coexist alongside a controller-based network, Mojo’s Multiservice Platform offers customers the option to gradually transition their existing WiFi deployments to Mojo Cloud without any downtime. Even for pure Mojo Cloud customers, it enables a flexible data plane allowing selected WiFi networks to switch data locally versus tunneling data to a central aggregation point.

The Multiservice Platform is available in two models: the MP2100 for small-to-medium campus and retail environments, and the MP4100 for large enterprises, campuses, and carriers requiring support for up to 1 million network clients. The Multiservice Platform acts as the traffic tunnel and management interface to Mojo’s Cognitive WiFi solution, a self-driving network that harnesses the power of cloud and the insight of machine learning to deliver a stellar WiFi experience.

Learn more about Mojo’s Cloud Integration Point, Multiservice Platform and Mojo Aware™ Cognitive WiFi here.

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At Mojo, we’re shaking up the Enterprise WiFi industry. We know that customers are ready for a modern WiFi network that doesn’t rely on outdated controllers and proprietary hardware. Our cloud-managed WiFi solution is based on a radical vision for creating networks that reach new heights in performance, security, scalability, and ease-of-use. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Mojo Networks delivers brilliant WiFi to many of the world’s top brands and highest levels of government.

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