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Spotlight on Mojo Networks in CIO Review

The Age of Cognitive Wi-Fi

Over the course of years, several trends have shaped the landscape of the Wi-Fi industry. To put it into perspective: integration with IoT devices, disaggregation of hardware and software, and cloud management are some of the many. But none have inched close to Mojo Networks’ use of cognitive technology—the company’s biggest score till date—to deliver pristine Wi-Fi experience to all its users.

Tapping into the power of updated technology in networking, namely the paradigm shift created by the cloud, Mojo Networks is revolutionizing the networking business by breaking the traditional mold of Wi-Fi access for enterprises through cloud management and cognitive Wi-Fi solutions.

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Rick Wilmer, the CEO of Mojo Networks, has a clear idea of challenges that businesses face in today’s Wi-Fi networking environment. “Traditionally, proprietary hardware and software was offered by providers which locked in customers and limited their choice and flexibility. While that model worked well to boost profitability for vendors, it offered little benefit for the customers or their end users,” says Wilmer. Now that computing and storage functionalities are way ahead in terms of embracing open standards and vendor collaboration, Mojo Networks is working diligently to loosen the proprietary restrictions placed on enterprise customers by doing things differently.

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