A Cloud WiFi Revolution

Revolution is in the air and Mojo Networks is leading the charge. Our mission is to elevate enterprise WiFi into the cloud with a radical vision for creating unprecedented customer experiences and generating tremendous value. We've done a lot over the years to secure the air, develop a prolific cloud architecture and find fresh and innovative ways of delivering WiFi to organizations of all sizes all around the world. We believe change is good, and that’s why we're changing our name, our team and the industry at large because we know that WiFi will change the world, but not until we take it over.

Why are you changing your name?

The AirTight brand is associated with the very best WiFi security technology, and while that remains a core part of our offering, our platform has evolved beyond this original intent. A disconnect has been established between what we’re doing and what the AirTight name suggests. Additionally, we have made significant changes to our strategy, implementing a new business model and going after new target markets, and the new name better captures our current philosophy and value proposition.

Why did you choose Mojo Networks? What does it mean?

We call ourselves Mojo Networks because it embodies how simple we make it for enterprises to deliver prolific WiFi throughout their organizations. We put what seems like magic into WiFi networks; especially massive networks managed with the ease of a smartphone without requiring a native app. Seamless connectivity for everyone, everywhere. Rich, compelling engagements that blur the line between physical and digital worlds. This is where the industry is going, and we are going to play a big role in making it happen.

What do you offer today?

We offer a cloud managed platform for all aspects of WiFi and latest 802.11ac access points. Our platform can easily scale to support millions of access points, providing the only fully integrated approach to WiFi access, security and engagement designed to automate many operational tasks and greatly simplify the the administration of WiFi infrastructure. Our access points are highly intelligent and deliver strong performance no matter what application or clients you need to support.

What do you mean by "cloud managed platform"?

With our cloud managed platform, we’ve completely removed the need to purchase (or use, for that matter) on-premise controllers, which are expensive and proprietary appliances that are still prevalent today. In our view, that era is over! According to DellOro, the enterprise market has spent over $1B to date on these appliances. At the time, it was the only way to manage WiFi access points at scale, but today this model is broken because it’s costly, complicated, rigid and antiquated. Access points are powerful enough today to contain within them the intelligence needed to support enterprise networks, as well as the ability to quickly and automatically find their configurations via the cloud, without a single controller to deploy or maintain. Think about it – a company with 16,000 access points will need roughly 140 controllers to manage their networks, and that doesn’t include the additional appliances needed for high availability and reliability. As you find yourself upgrading your WiFi, we firmly believe that our cloud managed platform will deliver the features, performance and reliability you require without the excessive costs and complexities of controllers.

What makes your cloud so much different from others?

All WiFi infrastructure vendors in the market fall short of delivering a true purpose-built cloud managed platform for enterprises. They generally fall into three buckets:
  1. They are still offering proprietary controller appliances, which are costly and cumbersome.
  2. They host controllers in the cloud and market them as cloud managed WiFi, which is like putting lipstick on a pig. The limitations and complexity are still there.
  3. They have incomplete cloud managed solutions that only offer access, limited security and fail to offer engagement capabilities outside of relying on 3rd party solutions. This makes it more expensive for the end user.  
From what we hear from vendors, all current WiFi vendors out there don’t have a cloud platform that can be both comprehensive and scalable while also delivering simplicity to every step of the operational workflow.

What makes your access points so much different from others?

Our cloud is built upon a management-based architecture rather than a controller-based one, so our access points take on some unique properties as a result.
  1. All of our access points are managed from our cloud and scale efficiently to any size network, whether deployed in a campus or throughout a distributed environment.
  2. Our distributed cloud architecture is SDN-ready and executes its core wireless services at the edge. This is accomplished because all the intelligence needed to broadcast WiFi networks, process client requests and dynamically alter configurations to maintain high performance is built into the access point itself.
  3. Our access points provide 24x7 monitoring with the industry’s leading wireless intrusion prevention system, protecting every enterprise network, be it WiFi or wired, against wireless threats and automatically mitigating them.

How are you packaging your cloud managed platform?

We are the only vendor offering this feature-rich cloud managed platform under two scenarios:
  1. Enterprise offers WiFi access and security that includes high-performing, reliable access, the best-in-class WIPS for real-time protection, and flexible guest network capabilities.
  2. Enterprise Elite includes everything from Enterprise plus rich engagement and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to greatly enhance their guest and free WiFi offerings without having to rely on costly third party licenses or integration headaches.
Both Enterprise and Enterprise Elite are bundled along with our access points. The pricing is tied on a per access point as a yearly subscription. We offer 1, 3 and 5 year cloud subscriptions offers. We encourage interested parties to contact our sales to get specific pricing information.

If I am already a customer, what will I see that’s changed?

Starting January 11th you will see the new Mojo Networks identity appear throughout the product base and new website, including a new logo, color scheme and some new names and messaging. Your sales rep and account team are all still the same, as are the teams you work with throughout the support organization. We will continue to deliver the same level of service, support and innovation as we have before while also bringing new updates to the support portal, product platform and overall knowledge base that will evovlve over the coming weeks and months.

What is the best way to reach you? Can I use the same email addresses and numbers as before?

Our email addresses have changed to reflect the new identity and now end in @mojonetworks.com. Our old email addresses will continue to work however, so one way or another we’ll be able to connect with you. Our phone numbers and headquarters’ physical addresses remain the same.

If I purchased services over the last couple of years does anything need to change in our contract?

Nope. The contract remains exactly the same and future purchase orders and invoices will reflect the new identity.

If I want to switch to an Enterprise or Enterprise Elite package but have already purchased, can I do so? How?

As a customer you are automatically considered an "Enterprise Package" customer and will see no loss of functionality as a result. Customers can upgrade at any time from Enterprise to Enterprise Elite by purchasing the Enterprise Elite upgrade package. For more information please contact your Mojo sales rep at 877-930-6394.

Does anything change for my existing cloud login?

Nope. You can continue to use the same login as you have before; you’ll receive an email from our support organization with complete details.

Will my current access points and WiFi networks continue to work even if they were purchased before the change?

Absolutely – although names, colors and messaging may change throughout the Mojo cloud managed platform, the same functionality you’ve come to expect will remain. If you have any questions about new product names and features please reach out to your account team and they will happily walk you through any questions you have.

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