About Mojo Networks

Mojo Networks simplifies cloud managed WiFi services

Massively scalable self-driving WiFi: built on open hardware, powered by the cloud

Overview: We are revolutionizing WiFi through the power of the cloud and open standards. We liberate networks from proprietary hardware and utilize the full power of the cloud to deliver cognitive WiFi: a self-driving network that makes things remarkably simple and reliable at massive scale. Mojo Network’s innovations empower IT with better user experiences, more options, and more velocity, all at much lower costs.

What Does Mojo Deliver? 

Cognitive WiFi harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to your WiFi users – all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications they’re using. Cognitive WiFi visualizes the quality of experience for every one of your users and automates root cause analysis if network problems do occur. It helps you resolve problems rapidly instead of turning them into a wild goose chase. It even proactively fixes WiFi issues before they occur, but if a user does call the helpdesk with a “WiFi problem,” it tells you exactly what's going on – even if it has nothing to do with WiFi. The network becomes the IT assistant and the focus becomes “mean time to resolution” rather than “mean time to innocence.”

We have designed and built the world’s first cloud managed WiFi solution specifically for large enterprise networks. Mojo’s cloud architecture can replace your antiquated controllers and simplify the migration of your infrastructure to the cloud. No more on-premise proprietary controllers. No manual software upgrades to each individual controller. Directly manage networks from anywhere, on any device, anytime with much faster and more seamless response to needs for expansion, new services, and security threats. Automate provisioning of new devices, push configuration changes, upgrade S/W, process KPIs and monitor real-time alerts across thousands of sites through Mojo APIs. Our cloud-based system embodies flexibility because it can be deployed in a public or private cloud and the network never goes down if connectivity to the cloud is lost. Simplicity, scalability, extensibility, reliability, performance, security and all the benefits of the cloud. No trade-offs, no compromises.

Open Standards is a guiding principle for everything we do. Customers want more speed and less complexity. Proprietary hardware forces vendor lock-in, reduces customer choice, slows innovation, and inflates costs. Open standards foster increased competition and innovation, which directly lead to vendor products that are better targeted at customer needs. At Mojo, we have already eliminated the proprietary control and management hardware from the WiFi equation and we are hell-bent to solve the other half of the equation: access points. Customers want a world where they can buy the best access point for their application…from anywhere…and manage it the way they want to…all at costs that are fair. Customers are craving an open standard where access points all interoperate like light bulbs. The vendors that sell proprietary access points will come up with a million excuses as to why this is a bad idea. And they are just that, excuses. There is no valid technical reason why access points can’t be made to interoperate and we are driving to make this a reality.

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