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Best-In-Breed WIPS Sensors

Mojo AirTight is recognized as the most differentiated WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) on the market. Utilizing technology powered by 32 patents, you can easily detect and prevent WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) threats with precision.


FISMA Compliance means trusted by Defense and Civilian Agencies

Under the guidelines of FISMA, Mojo Networks (formerly AirTight Networks), has a 13+ year track record of securing WLAN infrastructure at some of the top defense and civilian agencies globally. We help meet and exceed directives like DoDD 8500.02 that include installation of WIPS/WIDS sensors, 24x7 monitoring and location tracking on all DoD wired and wireless networks.

The World's Top Ranked WIPS

Certified to do Business

Mojo Networks has successfully achieved the certifications needed to demonstrate strong encryption for management, communication, data integrity and compliance of hardware and software.

Read our Mojo Security for Federal Agencies Datasheet

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To learn more about about how we can help meet your federal WIPS security needs, please contact us via email or call 877-930-6394.

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