Keep the Creeps Off Your School Network!

Presented by: Hosted by: Mojo Networks
  • Students trying to download games or watch shows? Easily managed
  • Students trying to access restricted websites? When are they not?
  • ​Some WiFi Creep logging into your network on their device? Let's talk....

The underlying problem remains: there is no real way for schools to ensure that only authorized devices connect to their WiFi network. The security and safety of students is paramount, which is why we're thrilled to bring you Mojo Enforce. Our unique technology allows only registered devices to connect to your network. Using our integration with GAFE, Mojo Enforce references the registered device list on the Google Cloud to validate the authentication session above and beyond PSK or 802.1x.

Join us to learn more about Mojo Enforce, and the details on our "are they for real?" end of year Trade-In Promotion!

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