Cloud Managed WiFi

Cloud Managed WiFi

Light as Air

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Cloud Managed WiFi Subscription Packages

The only fully integrated platform for your wireless infrastructure


Access and Security

  • Deliver high-performing, reliable access
  • Best-in-class WIPS for real-time protection
  • Complete solutions managed from the cloud

Enterprise Elite

Access, Security and Engagement

Enterprise Elite
  • Full Enterprise package with advanced engagement
  • Connect in real-time with personalized messages
  • Design beautiful and interactive guest experiences


Enterprise Elite


WiFi access management, including set-up, configuration, deployment and monitoring

Mobile-optimized interface for on-the-go configuration and high-level monitoring

Graphical troubleshooting, remote packet capture and cloud storage for traces and logs

Guest network capabilities including splash page design and user access management

API for location, device, policy and user management


Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS), including wireless scanning, policy management and automated detection and prevention

Robust event system and real-time alerting for response and forensics

Pre-defined templates for automated reporting of threats and compliance status

API for security policy creation, quarantine activities, device fingerprinting, event management and reporting


Authentication plugins using social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare), customizable Web Form, Guestbook, SMS and Clickthrough

Wi-Fi Analytics: visitor footfall, loyalty, engagement, conversion, top URL accessed

Social Login Analytics: Demographics (sex, age, location), public user profile information

Zone-based analytics

API for analytics, portal configuration, third party integration

Premium splash and landing page templates

Advanced Widgets – Youtube, Vimeo, Poll Daddy, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Passbook Coupons, App Store and Google Play Store links, Image slider

Mobile Engagement (In-Browser*/SMS/MMS Delivery)


24x7x365 phone and email support

Lifetime warranty for all hardware purchases

Regular firmware updates for security, performance and feature enhancements

✶Additional license required