Mojo Benefits

Superior WiFi Experience

Happy users are the most important part of WiFi. Exceed their expectations with state-of-the-art access points powered by next-generation WiFi infrastructure.

Five WiFi Considerations Webinar

Security and Performance

We were never put in a position where we had to compromise security for ease-of-use. The professional services folks at Mojo are great and their resources are very strong.”

—Joseph Johnson, CISO, CHS Health Services

More about WiFi Security

Amazing Automation

Eliminate the mundane with automation. Deliver awesome WiFi service without the time-intensive manual effort.

Video: Automate Your WiFi

Engage Your Users

In a matter of minutes, and without being on-site, I can deploy a new WiFi network or create splash pages to enhance the guest experience. We can provide a personalized experience for thousands of people.”

—John Watson, IT Director, TAO Group

Cloud-Managed WiFi Case Studies

Huge Savings

Maximize your IT budget. Save up to 56% compared to traditional WiFi infrastructure.

Save Money On Cloud WiFi

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