Mojo Cloud Packages FAQ

Understanding Enterprise and Elite

Cloud Service Questions

How are you packaging your cloud managed platform?

Mojo Networks has radically simplified its cloud package. Bundled with the access point of your choice, our Enterprise package gets you:

  • High-performing, reliable WiFi access
  • Best-in-class WIPS for real-time protection
  • Flexible guest network capabilities
  • Support, maintanence and updates included
For those who desire more advanced WiFi engagement, our Elite upgrade includes rich engagement and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to greatly enhance their guest and free WiFi offerings. No need to rely on costly third party licenses or integration headaches.

What comes with the Elite upgrade?

Enterprise Elite focuses on expanding the Mojo engagement platform. It includes the following advanced features:

Advanced Splash and Landing Page Capabilities

  • Brand new templates for designing beautiful, interactive splash pages and landing pages
  • Provides access to two new authentication plugins: video and poll
    • Video lets you embed a short YouTube or Vimeo video that plays before your guests can connect
    • Poll allows you to embed a short poll from Polldaddy that guests will answer in order to connect
  • New widgets including embedded video, polls, app download, Apple Passbook, image carousels, and more

Website Interception via SMS/MMS

  • Automatically send SMS/MMS in response to WiFi users’ web traffic
  • Design personalized MMS images using Mojo Canvas and create custom SMS messages
  • Visualized analytics of web traffic and engagement across time and location

In-Browser Engagement*

  • Design custom campaigns that support persistent messages within WiFi users’ browser
  • Develop passive banners that link to custom content
  • Create and customize overlays that display videos, polls and more
  • Target your messages at any scale across your organization

*Please note: In-browser engagement requires a separate subscription on top of Elite. Only Elite customers are eligible for in-browser engagement.

How are Enterprise and Elite sold?

Our Enterprise package is bundled along with our access points. The pricing is on a per access point basis as a yearly subscription. We offer 1, 3 and 5 year cloud subscriptions.

You can become an Elite customer by purchasing an upgrade pack for 1, 3 or 5 years on top of your existing Enterprise cloud service.

If I want to switch to an Enterprise or Enterprise Elite package but have already purchased, can I do so? How?

All customers are automatically considered “Enterprise” customers. Customers can upgrade at any time from Enterprise to Enterprise Elite by purchasing the Elite upgrade package. You can contact your Mojo rep or Mojo-affiliated partner for more details.

If I am an Elite customer, does that apply to all of my access points? Can I have a subset of access points where I do not apply the Elite package?

The cloud package applies to every access point you have purchased; a customer cannot pick individual devices under a single cloud account to receive the Enterprise Elite subscription. However, your Mojo rep can work with you on a case-by-case basis when needed.

Using Enterprise Elite

If I have developed my own splash and landing pages can I integrate them with the Enterprise package or do I need to upgrade to Elite?

You can download and customize any splash page template within Mojo Canvas. The main difference is that Enterprise Elite customers can choose from a full list of Canvas templates, while Enterprise customers can only download and modify the Basic template. This also means you will not have access to the Enterprise Elite authentication plugins (video and poll).

You can only upload a custom landing page if you are an Enterprise Elite customer.

Does Mojo provide assistance with developing my SMS or advertising strategy and campaign pages?

Mojo Networks does not provide direct services related to developing or managing splash pages, landing pages or MMS coupons. However, the Mojo team is always willing to share success stories throughout the industry and provide personal feedback whenever requested.

How can I measure the effect of my “interception campaign”? What statistics does Mojo provide me to do that?

Mojo Networks provides integrated analytics around website interception to help you understand how many WiFi users are visiting your targeted websites and how many of them are receiving the associated SMS/MMS. You can see graphical representations of Engagement through SMS/MMS over time and across locations (for specific windows of time).

What is the effect of advanced widgets and what benefit I can realize from them?

Access to advanced widgets offers you much greater flexibility and design over your guest network experience. Splash and landing pages are an extension of one’s brand, and as such, they should be representative of the aesthetic and personality of the brand providing the WiFi network.

With advanced widgets, you can create much more beautiful and stunning splash pages than with the basic template. In addition, landing pages become hubs of information and fresh content that allow your WiFi users to access and learn more about your business than they might normally. This is especially effective because the content is presented in line with a desired service (Guest WiFi). This bridges the online and offline worlds and encourages your customer to reengage.

Can I place ads and track them? How do I integrate an ad campaign into my deployment?

Through the ad injection campaign manager, you can create ad banners and track their click and impression rates. You have options to configure the size of the ad, optimized for a specific device type (smartphone, tablet or desktop), the target URL and a custom image (support for .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .swf). Reports show the total number of clicks and impressions per day over the report period (filtered on account, campaign, individual ad and/or location).

When ads are created the “advertiser” (i.e. the admin for ad configuration) can choose any single or group of locations made available from Mojo Wireless Manager (MWM). The campaign editor pulls Mojo Navigator directly from MWM, and the advertiser can select the locations they wish to have this particular ad present.

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